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Our mission

Our environment makes a big difference to our quality of life, and we can make a difference to it - for good or ill. That means each one of us as individuals, as well as big businesses like Sky. Every day we look at ways to ensure our company has a minimal impact and to empower individuals to play their part.

Environmental sustainability

Learn about environmental sustainability

Living sustainably means making sure that we don’t use up the planet’s limited resources and that they will be available to future generations.

Learn about environmental sustainability

Climate change

Learn about climate change

It is a well known term, but what does it really mean?

Learn about climate change

Climate Change FAQs

More climate change FAQs

What is carbon neutral? What is off setting? We answer your requently asked questions.

More on climate change FAQs

Impacting climate change

Read about how you can affect climate change

We all have an impact on climate change: find out how.

Read about how you affect climate change


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