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Sky and Global Action Plan, our environment charity partner, have got together to fight climate change locally and make a positive and lasting impact on the environment. Together we’re inspiring more people across the UK to save energy, save money and tackle climate change.

There are lots of things you can do to take action on climate change. These can be instant impact activities to help make a difference today or through longer term projects that have a great impact.

For instant impact:

• Switch off lights, computers and other electrical appliances
• Make sure your fridge is not turned up too high
• Turn down your heating by a couple of degrees
• Cycle, walk or take public transport rather than driving
• Travel by train rather than plane
• Turn the tap off whilst cleaning your teeth
• Have a shower rather than a bath - or share a bath
• Make sure you recycle your waste in the right bins

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For more facts and ideas on how you can take action see:

Waste: http://www.globalactionplan.org.uk/wastefactsdo.aspx (opens in a new window)

Energy: http://www.globalactionplan.org.uk/energyfactsdo.aspx (opens in a new window)

Transport: http://www.globalactionplan.org.uk/transportfactsdo.aspx (opens in a new window)

Water: http://www.globalactionplan.org.uk/waterfactsdo.aspx (opens in a new window)

Visit: http://www.globalactionplan.org.uk/practicalaction.aspx (opens in a new window) to find out how to change to a greener energy supplier or insurance provider which generates a donation to Global Action Plan

Find our more about Global Action Plan (opens in a new window)


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